Wednesday, 20 November 2019 17:25

Toledo Women's volleyball team is runner-up of Paraná U19 Championship

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The athletes who are part of the team of Mais Vôlei Project. Photo: Kelvin Polasso.

Toledo/Prati-Donaduzzi/Avotol team won last Sunday (24), the second place in Paraná U19 Volleyball Championship, division B. The victory also secured a place to play in division A in 2020. The games took place at Alcides Pan and Hugo Zeni Sports Gymnasium.

The men's team participated in the competition. However, it ended in eighth place. Paraná Volleyball Federation holds Paraná U19.

In these games, defending Toledo are the athletes up to the age of 18, who are part of the Mais Vôlei Project, which are under the command of the coach, Marcos Assunção, who considers the achievement a reached goal. “We believed that moving up to division A was possible and we made it our focus. The team was persistent and so we ended the season with final flourish”, he says.

The athlete Barbara Silva Freitas has been training in the project for two years and is the team's setter. For her, the achievement needs to be celebrated. “Winning second place in the U19 has motivated us, so we will compete with top teams next year. We will also be looking for better results representing Toledo and our sponsors, who believe and invest in the sport”, she explains.


Toledo volleyball athletes compete in competitions with the purple T-shirt, bearing the name Prati-Donaduzzi, which is currently considered the industry that most produces generic drugs in Brazil*. The pharmaceutical company has been supporting Toledo Mais Vôlei Project since 2015, through the Sports Incentive Law.

*IQVIA MAT OUT/2019 PMB + NRC Doses Terapêuticas

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