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Stock Car: Julio Campos aims to maintain podium sequence in Campo Grande

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Prati-Donaduzzi team celebrates great phase in season 2019. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta

In a very positive phase, Prati-Donaduzzi team comes midway through the Stock Car 2019 season thirst for a title. The racers Julio Campos and Valdeno Brito took two podiums in Londrina-PR, and Julio won in Santa Cruz do Sul-RS. More optimistic than ever, the team wants to keep up the good performance this Sunday, 11, when the sixth round will be held at the racing circuit in Campo Grande, MS.

 “We are coming from two good rounds, so the prospects are the best. We believe the car will be very good and we aim to have both drivers in Q3 (group of the six fastest riders in the qualifier) ​​and fighting for victory to climb in the championship. We want Julio to bother Daniel Serra more and Valdeno to enter in the top 10 of the championship. This is our mission”, says team leader, Rodolpho Mattheis.

Paraná´s racer, Julio Campos, who won in the last round, reinforces that the focus is on good results in order to add more points. However, the track will be a challenge.

“Campo Grande has a very nice layout. The city is also very cool, and the weather usually helps a lot to have audience in the racing circuit. The circuit has a lot of asphalt problem. Last year, the dirt ended up causing some cars to stop in the second race due to clogged radiators. This year, I hope the track condition is better so we can run smoothly. The idea is to score more points and narrow the gap from the championship leader and keep fighting for the title”, he says.


Paraná´s racer, Julio Campos, who won in the last round, reinforces that the focus is on good results in order to add more points.Photo: Cleocinei Zonta

As in Santa Cruz, Campo Grande will have a strategy-focused round, due to the high tire consumption. “We have already done a homework to raise what we can do best this year compared to our performance that was not very good last year. The car has changed a lot so we will be competitive”, says Mattheis.

Valdeno Brito finished last year's race in Campo Grande in third position (despite not having the result validated) and he comes excited for the round. “I look forward to the next round in Campo Grande, an extremely abrasive circuit. As in Santa Cruz, it will be a chess game in relation to strategy. The team comes from a good time. There were two Q3 in the last two rounds. It is important to do a good classification again to have good races. I am looking for a podium”, he concludes.


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