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Agency from Pernambuco offers benefits for Prati-Donaduzzi to build new facility in the state

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In the industry, CEO Eder Fernando Maffissoni; Chief Financial Officer, Marcelo Sáfadi and Chief Financial Officer, Paulo Castro welcomed them

Pernambuco Economic Development Agency (AD Diper) wants Prati-Donaduzzi, Brazil's largest producer of generic drugs, to build its new manufacturing facility in the state of Pernambuco.

The CEO and AD Diper Manager Roberto de Abreu and Diogo Santos presented the advantages and benefits of installing both a new factory and a distribution center during a visit to Prati-Donaduzzi headquarters in Toledo - Paraná, last Tuesday (9).

In the industry, CEO Eder Fernando Maffissoni; Chief Financial Officer, Marcelo Sáfadi and Chief Financial Officer, Paulo Castro welcomed them.

For Abreu, it would be great to have in the State a leading Brazilian industry in the production of generic drugs, such as Prati-Donaduzzi. “We are very interested in attracting investors from the pharmaceutical industry. We were impressed with the size, quality, care and development of the products. Our state has only to gain”, said AD Diper CEO.

If the pharmaceutical industry from Paraná decides to build its new facility in the Northeast, the State of Pernambuco will offer a package of very aggressive tax incentives, supported by the Northeast Development Superintendence, apart from other State and Municipal incentives.

AD Diper also offered land donation and support during the installation period. “By 2035, we want to be among the top five states to live, work and undertake”, explained Roberto de Abreu.

Another investment policy of Pernambuco´s agency is to offer investors the possibility of reinvesting the owed income tax. "Companies can exempt 75% of owed income tax and another 7.5% of the remaining 25% can be reinvested in the company itself", added Abreu.


According to Maffissoni, the Development Agency's proposals meet the pharmaceutical expansion project. Prati wants and needs to increase production to meet the growing market demand over the next three years.

Prati will close 2019 with a production of 12 billion doses of medicines, reaching 100% of its capacity. Nowadays, the company works three shifts from six to seven days a week.

“In order to reach our 15% annual growth target and reach 17 billion doses annually, we need to open our new facility on January 1, 2022”, said Prati CEO.

Distribution center

Parallel to the project for the new facility for the production of solid medicines (tablets), Prati and AD Diper discussed the possibility of building the Distribution Center in Pernambuco, near the Governador Eraldo Gueiros Port Industrial Complex, better known as Suape Port.

The pharmaceutical industry believes that the geographical location of the Port will speed up the process of distribution of medicines, since in the Northeast is concentrated a large part of customers. “In addition to location, the tax incentives offered by the state are very motivating”, said Prati-Donaduzzi CFO.


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