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Young people from Toledo Youth Center to know Prati-Donaduzzi

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The young people got to know the facility where Prati-Donaduzzi's main solid medicines are produced

A group of 45 young people, assisted by Toledo Youth Center, visited Prati-Donaduzzi on Monday (5). This was the first time the pharmaceutical industry received teenagers from this center.

The visit to the industry is part of a Youth Center project that aims to encourage young people to seek training and enter the job market. “We work on the axis of formation and citizenship. Through company visits, we intend to arouse interest in our young people”, said the office clerk of the Youth Secretariat, Jairo Luiz Cerbarro.

In the industry, the coordinator of “Conheça Mais” Project, Noemi Kistemacher, welcomed the teenagers. The group visited from the Warehouse, where the raw materials that reach the industry are stored daily, to the unit where the main solid medicines from Prati-Donaduzzi are stored. These include Losartan (treatment of hypertension), Metformin (used to control diabetes) and Captopril (recommended for hypertension and heart failure treatment).

I want to work at Prati

The visit seems to have met the purpose of the project. The 16-year-old student, Vitor Hugo da Silva, was impressed by the size of the warehouse, and the visit arouse the young people´s interest in participating in programs offered by Prati such as the Professional Initiation Program (PIP). The purpose of PIP is precisely to prepare young people to the labor market. “I was amazed at the size of Prati and I look forward to working one day here”, he said.

Although 16-year-old Vivian Tainara de Oliveira is in the 9th grade of Elementary School, she makes plans for the future. She wants to be a doctor. “I really enjoyed getting to know the industry. Thus, like Prati, I intend to work helping people to be healthy”, she said.

Youth Center

More than a thousand young people aged 12 to 29 are assisted at the two units of the Youth Center in Toledo: Jardim Coopagro and Jardim Europa.  Vocational courses, cultural and sports activities are held in the place free of charge. For more information, call at +55 (45) 3378- 5911. 


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