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Prati-Donaduzzi is a case study of the judges of the Regional Labor Court of Paraná

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Visitors in the manufacturing facility, where important drugs from the company's portfolio are produced

A group of 20 government employees and judges from the Regional Labor Court of Paraná (TRT-PR) participated in a technical visit on Friday (14) at Prati-Donaduzzi and at the Science and Technology Park of Biosciences (Biopark) in Toledo. Among them, Judge Morgana de Almeida Richa, coordinator of the Judiciary College and the judge of the 2nd Labor Court of Toledo, Gabriela Macedo.

In the industry, the government employees and judges were welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer, Eder Fernando Maffissoni, and by the founding Partner of the company, Carmen Donaduzzi. They also attended a performance of Serprati Choir.

During an institutional presentation, Maffissoni emphasized that within five years, the factory will almost double its product portfolio. From the current 324 presentations in 2019, it will have 531 treatment options to offer to the population. It is also expected to launch patented products, such as Myalo, a cannabidiol drug (CBD), which aims to control refractory seizures.

After the conversation with Prati-Donaduzzi Board of Directors, the visitors went to know the manufacturing facility where important drugs of the company's portfolio are produced. These include the antihypertensive Losartan and the antidiabetic Metformin.

The visit to the largest generic drug manufacturer in Brazil is part of the training offered by the Judicial College, which this year's main goal is to discuss Industry 4.0. A methodology that is revolutionizing the way the factories have been operating.

 "Integrating the visit route of the Judicial School is a recognition of the work carried out by Prati-Donaduzzi over these 25 years", said Maffissoni.

In addition to Prati-Donaduzzi, the group has already visited other large companies from Paraná, such as Sandoz and Madero Group.

Valorizing the personnel

According to Judge Morgana de Almeida Richa, coordinator of the Judiciary College, the government employees have visited several companies to verify how technology is applied in the labor market; in addition to assessing which professions are getting obsolete and which ones are emerging.

"Prati-Donaduzzi is an example of valuing people. It acts differently from most ones. While many companies are switching people to machines, Prati keeps its employees on the front line", she said.

Despite having a vertical management and without the service outsourcing, all stages of production up to the delivery of the products work in extreme perfection. "We could notice the care of activities in all departments. Above all, the

The judge of the 2nd Labor Court of Toledo, Gabriela Macedo, evaluated the visit as a way to strengthen relations with local companies. "It is very important for the judge, who is in a city, to know the companies that it has and especially how they treat their employees. Getting to know Prati and its day-to-day routine was very valuable. "

The founding partner of the company emphasized that valuing the worker is one of the premises of the generic drug industry. "Here at Prati, we are a big family. Without the people, Prati is nothing. With them, we produce almost 12 billion doses of drugs per year", ended Carmen.

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