Tuesday, 25 June 2019 16:42

Prati-Donaduzzi to present APA elderly people on Grandparents Day

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The action provided the integration with the elderly people and the employees of APA

 Prati-Donaduzzi Volunteering Group will present the 23 elderly people assisted by the Promotional and Assistance Association (APA), Toledo, on Grandparents Day, which is celebrated on July 26. In order to ensure the elderly people will enjoy their gifts, the members of the group visited APA and asked the grandparents what they would like to get. 

Among the responses, there were generic requests like perfumes, pants, sweaters, flip-flops, slippers and pajamas. In addition, they asked for specific gifts like a red shirt with the name of Prati-Donaduzzi embroidered with rhinestones.

Now, the volunteers will call employees of the company to adopt the requests and grant them. 

According to the employee of the industry and member of the Volunteer Group, Rhaíssa Fernanda Daleffe Santos, the initiative aims to strengthen relations with the community. In this specific case with the elderly people, it was a moment of experience exchange. "It is very gratifying to participate in activities that help and do good for people", she said. 

The supervisor of Social Responsibility Department, Maria Rita Pozzebon, praises the work of integration. "It is gratifying for us to realize the commitment of the volunteers and in this specific action with the elderly people of APA. It is wonderful to be able to encourage them to do good and make people better." 

For APA employee Jessica Gislaine Alves Fernandes, the action developed by Prati-Donaduzzi volunteers took the elderly people out of their routine and awakened a feeling of joy. "They need care and attention. The mere fact of holding their hands and having a conversation helps a lot. This moment will certainly be marked in their lives. It is not every day that they get presents. " 

The gifts will be delivered at APA on July 26.



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