Tuesday, 25 June 2019 13:20

Abrinq offers training on musicalization to Prati-Donaduzzi employees

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The meeting was attended by the instructors of the Program and some pregnant women

The instructors of Prati-Donaduzzi's Safe Pregnancy Program participated on Tuesday (11) in a training session on the benefits of music therapy during pregnancy. The activity was given by Abrinq Foundation musician, Tamara Stuchi, in the training room of the company. 

The training aimed to improve the pedagogical practices of Safe Pregnancy, one of the winners of the Child Award 2018, carried out by Abrinq. Since 1989, the award has recognized innovative initiatives aimed at Early Childhood (from pregnancy up to the age of six). 

In addition to offering training, the Foundation has donated 40 musical instruments to the industry that will be used in the Program's activities. Among the instruments are: tambourine, triangle and agogo. 


During the training, Tamara addressed issues such as music and relaxation, intrauterine sound and the importance of the mother's voice during pregnancy. She also explained how to use the tambourine and the agogo, for example, to stimulate the babies still in the mother's belly.

According to the leader of the Child Prize Program, Michelly Antunes, babies who listen to music still in their mothers' belly develop their reasoning more easily, so it is very important to work the music during pregnancy. "We brought our experience in the subject with the aim of strengthening this project that guides so many moms every year. We also explained to instructors how to use the instruments. " 

For Prati-Donaduzzi's Social Responsibility Supervisor, Maria Rita Pozzebon, the meeting was a way to strengthen ties with the entity. "This training will contribute to improve the activities carried out with our pregnant women. The theme of music therapy during pregnancy is still a new theme for us, but we know that it will certainly bring benefits to our future moms", she said.

Safe Pregnancy 

Safe Pregnancy is aimed at employees who are pregnant and also for employees' wives and has existed for 13 years. Several trainings are offered providing knowledge on childbirth and postpartum, rights, nutrition, breastfeeding, first aid, among others. All activities are focused on improving the life quality of the mothers and  the babies. Since 2005, the project has already assisted more than 1,600 participants.

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