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Prati-Donaduzzi recognizes and encourages the generation of ideas through the Innovation and Improvement Program

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The ideas implemented in 2018 represent an annual savings of over R$2 million

Prati-Donaduzzi held on Monday (11) the award of recognition of the ideas implemented in 2018 of the Program of Innovation and Improvements (PIMP). The founders, sponsors, the company’s board of directors and other employees attended the event. In total, R$59,000 were distributed in prizes. 

PIMP was implemented in 2017 at Prati-Donaduzzi Group and aims to encourage and recognize the generation of ideas. The initiative is extended to all employees to suggest ideas linked to innovation and improvement of work processes. 

The ideas need to be innovative and tied to the strategic planning of the company. It is also necessary to have an internal sponsor, who may be a Manager, Director or even the CEO to support the implementation. Every semester the implemented ideas compete for an award and the best three receive R$2,000, R$4,000 and R$6,000 for the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place, respectively. While the annual event rewards among the already recognized ideas in the semester with R$ 5,000, R$10,000 and R$20,000 for the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place, respectively. 

The employee Bruno Carvalho with three other colleagues implemented the idea recognized in 1st place in the annual awards and comments on the proposal. "Our idea is to characterize reagents for gas chromatography in ​​Research Development & Innovation Department and forecast a savings of around R$ 750,000 in 2018. By 2019, we saw that the idea had an estimated potential savings of R$1,500,000.00. Seeing that small ideas can take unimaginable proportions, makes us want to contribute more and more to PIMP and, especially, to the company. The return is not only financial, but recognition of a great job. " 

The CEO, Eder Fernando Maffissoni, comments on the industry challenges and how PIMP can help in this. "Prati-Donaduzzi is projecting for accelerated growth in the coming years and needs the help of people to make it work, because it's a giant challenge. We need our employees to come up with ideas and managers or directors to support them, because even though such ideas are small, they make a big difference nowadays. Everyone´s collaboration is essential to achieve the results ". 

The Founding Partner, Carmen Donaduzzi, explains that innovation must be present in the industry and that PIMP encourages this. "Innovation is the engine that moves us. The day we stop doing it, no matter how small it is, we are bound to disappear. I am happy with the implemented ideas and I tell the employees to keep on suggesting. We are here to help. " 

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