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Prati-Donaduzzi receives the fourth group of Residency in Industrial Pharmacy

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The pharmaceutical coordinator of the Residence at Prati-Donaduzzi, Luciana Frizon, and the four new Residents

Prati-Donaduzzi received on Monday (04) the pharmacists who were selected for the fourth group of Residency Program in Industrial Pharmacy. The Program is a partnership of the industry with the State University of Western Paraná - Unioeste, Campus of Cascavel.

The Residency Program has a workload of 60 hours per week, of which 12 hours are dedicated to theoretical classes in both industry and university and 48 hours for in-service training at Prati Donaduzzi, performing job rotation in the first year and in the second year the resident is allocated in an area where develops his/her technical skills. For the performance of the practical activities, the Residents count on the support of mentors, who are employees of the industry, helping them in that period.

One of the mentors is the employee Thiago Alves da Silva who shares how this activity is. "The challenge is to be a facilitator for the training of future professionals, giving the Resident the experience of situations that will give him/her experience and professional practice. From this perspective, we assume an important role, leading him/her to problematize reality, reflect on the solutions and generate knowledge. It is gratifying to see the technical and behavioral evolution at the end of the Program. Thus, we realize that all the commitment and dedication in this relationship was worth it. "

Carolina Silveira is one of the selected Residents. Her professional background is in Pharmacy from the State University of Maringá (UEM) and she talks about the expectations for this new phase. "Prati-Donaduzzi is a benchmark for me in the pharmaceutical segment and I hope to learn a lot about the industry and further improve my knowledge." 

Characterized by the Lato Sensu Specialization format, the Residency Program aims to insert the student in the industry and it has already granted 14 pharmacists the title of Residents in Industrial Pharmacy since 2016. Currently, eight professionals are in the groups in progress (third and fourth groups).


On February 22, the graduation of the second group of Residency in Industrial Pharmacy was made up of nine pharmacists. The ceremony took place at the University Hospital of Unioeste and at the same date, other groups of Residencies in health area concluded their activities. 

Prati-Donaduzzi Human Resources Manager, Luís Enrique Pitarelo, mentions the importance of the Residence. "The graduation of the second group shows once more the success of this pioneering program in national education. A period of two years marked by the commitment and dedication of the Residents, company and educational institution in order to generate and share knowledge, adding value to the career, bringing to Prati-Donaduzzi qualified and differentiated professionals, since the residents are part of the staff. " 

Resident Lucas Pedrosa da Silva says how these two years were. "During the more than five thousand hours of work and study, it was possible to know several sectors of the company which led me to acquire a macro know-how of the processes and of the entire production chain of a pharmaceutical industry. In addition to gaining professional skills and behavioral skills. I recommend the program to my fellow pharmacists, because I believe it is a unique opportunity for learning. "

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