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Stock Car: Campos confirms strength in Cascavel

Prati-Donaduzzi´s racer finishes in 4th position in day of intense cold in the west of Paraná 

Cascavel, the closest runway to the headquarter of Prati-Donaduzzi, only brings good memories

Team repairs Pizzonia car in record time in Cascavel




Prati-Donaduzzi Team gave a remarkable display of their staff's ability to repair Antonio Pizzonia's car in record time at the Stock Car stage on Sunday in Cascavel. Pizzonia escaped from the track at the entrance of the line in the final minutes of the first heat, hit the protection barriers and returned to the pits with the left suspension damaged. The mechanics raced against time and in less than 15 minutes put the car in position to participate in the second race. However, starting from the pits and with the chances of a good result already compromised, Pizzonia only took a few laps to check the equipment before leaving.

It was up to the Paranaense Júlio Campos to honor the 18 points that the team won in the double round. He finished the first heat in 11th place and, even complaining about the engine's lack of power from the start, completed the second heat in 7th place. In fact, since the day before, Campos - who has three seconds and a pole in the circuit as one of the highlights of the career in the Stock Car - had reported a concern with engine noise. "Today, my overtaking button did not generate the same strength as the opponents," he explained.

Prati-Donaduzzi technical director praised the team's effort to recover from a weekend that had begun more than promising with Campos' 4th place and Pizzonia's 7th place in qualifying practice - the best positions on the grid in four stages. "We had a more positive expectation, of course, but in the end we managed to partially recover. It was a pity the accident of Pizzonia, for reasons that we are still going to investigate. He was in 7th and therefore would be a great place. Julinho, even with the push problem, he did two very good races. Now, let`s calmly analyze everything that happened here to get everything ready for the Million Race early next month", said Rodolpho Mattheis.

Curitiba will host the fifth double round of the season on July 2nd. It is another clue that allows Prati-Donaduzzi Team to feed an optimistic expectation. Campos has a victory there and has come to take the lead in the drivers' championship after a second place in 2015. "Our cars are always among the fastest in practice. It's missing just fitting everything in the same weekend," recalls Campos. In Cascavel, Pizzonia also called attention to the excellent performance in qualifying and the pace developed in the first race.

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