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The Pharmaceutical Company received the certification seal from MESC Institute. Photo: Jéssica Dona.

A history based on concern for people is the trajectory of Prati-Donaduzzi. The commitment to quality in the production of medicines for the Brazilian population is evidenced by the recent recognition by the Best Companies in Customer Satisfaction Institute (MESC), which ranked the pharmaceutical industry among the top 100 in the country in 2020.

This year, over 6,500 companies took part in the survey. About 3,000 of them went on to the second phase for obtaining valid statistical samples and a Consumer Satisfaction index above 60%. These companies had their practices audited and were submitted to a Hidden Customer process in the electronic service channels.

At the end, 386 companies were nominated to compete among the “100 Best Companies in Customer Satisfaction in Brazil”. Prati-Donaduzzi had a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of 82.3%, marking its presence among the 10 ranked pharmaceutical companies.

“We are extremely happy with the achievement. It is very important for us from Prati-Donaduzzi to have the recognition of our customers. Every day, we work hard to improve our processes as we aim to ensure the most innovative ways to improve and maintain the health of Brazilians”, says Eder Fernando Maffissoni, Prati-Donaduzzi CEO.

Currently, the industry's medications are present in more than 55 thousand pharmacies and 36 thousand Basic Health Units spread throughout Brazil. In addition to generic and branded medicines, the company's portfolio includes nutraceuticals, herbal medicines and the cannabis-based product, Cannabidiol Prati-Donaduzzi. There are 131 products representing 413 active and comercial dosage forms.

Customer care

Prati-Donaduzzi carries out serious work in all fields of activity, from the production of medicines to serving the stakeholders. This excellence is also shown by the evaluation of customers on Reclame Aqui (Complain Here) portal, with a score of 8.4, 100% of complaints answered and a solution rate of 81.8%, being considered by the channel as “Great” in service. 

By aiming to further improve performance with the customer, the company adopted a series of improvements in its After Sales Department, such as the creation of the After Sales Service Center; integration between the areas that make up the client's journey; review and standardization of customer service flows; implementation of the Logistics Service Level Improvement Program, among others.

“For 27 years, we have brought health and well-being to Brazilians, not only through medicines, but also by building strong and respectful relationships. We value each person who is part of our segment, with the certainty that together we achieve the common goal, improving the quality of life for everyone”, concludes Maffissoni.

The award

The “100 Best Companies in Customer Satisfaction” award from MESC Institute is in its 4th edition. The survey, which evaluates companies based on consumer opinion and experience, heard more than 2 million customers over a year, considering criteria such as Service, Power of Execution and Value.


Prati-Donaduzzi, a Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, is specialized and a benchmark in the development and production of generic drugs. Headquartered in Toledo, Western Paraná, it produces approximately 12 billion therapeutic doses per year and generates more than 4,500 employments. The industry has one of the largest generic drug portfolios in Brazil and it has been working in the area of Medical Prescriptions since 2019. 

*Index of 09/15/2020.

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