Thursday, 08 October 2020 16:27

Have you smiled today? Especialistas da Alegria (Joy specialists) continue activities remotely

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Currently, technology has become an important ally. Photo: Disclosure.

They do what they like. They take love with humor wherever they go and not even the pandemic imposed by the new Coronavirus was able to stop them. This is the work of the Especialistas da Alegria, who have reinvented themselves to continue bringing smiles to those in need, especially at this moment of so many uncertainties.

The troupe of clowns, who previously used to perform on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday night and Saturday morning at Hospital Erasto Gaertner, saw their routine change when preventive health measures were implemented due to the pandemic. Therefore, they made technology an ally to record videos and allow joy to reach the community of the hospital, which is known for being a reference in the treatment of cancer and is based in Curitiba-PR.

The 25 clowns kept their routine and now instead of going to the hospital, they use the time for meetings, studies, alignments and recording videos and even video calls. For the content to reach its audience, they count on the help of health professionals. “We receive messages from the group and take them to patients, either by cell phone or the TVs available in rooms and wards, anything goes to offer joy to those who are there, undergoing treatment and waiting for better days. It is an extra affection and everyone loves it. This makes the day better, both for patients and for us”, reveals the palliative care doctor, Luiz Sérgio Alves Batista, from Erasto Gaertner Hospital.

Volunteer of the project since the beginning of activities, Regiane Menin, who plays Dr. Fófys, says that the routine has changed, but the essence remains the same. “We really want to go back to activities, but even being far, we try to be present. I have a huge affection for people and doing good. Every visit we make is an emotion, a joy and an energy that supplies us for the week and now thanks to technology we continue”.

“The pandemic brought us the reflection that we must transform idle time into precious time. Among so many teachings, our group has become even more united, and even remotely, we are playing our part”, concludes the project coordinator, Jefferson Bertoldi, better known as Dr. eNe. 


Prati-Donaduzzi is a partner of the Especialistas da Alegria and the support to the project highlights the company's culture of allowing people access to health. Every day millions of Brazilians use the drugs manufactured by the pharmaceutical company, which is known in the market for the expressive production of doses. Currently, the company produces more than 12 billion a year and provides quality medicines at an affordable price to the population. In addition, support for social responsibility projects, encouraging sports, education and the environment is a strong aspect of Prati-Donaduzzi.

Marketing manager, Lucas Angnes, reinforces Prati-Donaduzzi's support for projects that impact people's health. “The work of the troupe is incredible and, above all, it takes care of others, affects the sensitivity of those who perform it and also those who receive messages of comfort and joy. We are a responsible company that supports good deeds. It is satisfying to have them as partners”.

Especialistas da Alegria

The 25 clowns that make up the group have been working for eight years at Erasto Gaertner Hospital - HEG (PR) and have the mission of producing joy through laughter to patients, their accompaniments and hospital employees. The group of volunteer clowns takes more than happiness, a moment of self-esteem and emotions.

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