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Prati-Donaduzzi: 27 years caring for the health of millions of Brazilians

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Prati-Donaduzzi's drugs are present throughout the national territory. Photo: Jéssica Dona.

Today, December 3, Prati-Donaduzzi Pharmaceutical Industry celebrates 27 years of history. Located in Toledo, in the West of Paraná, it provides health for Brazilians daily, through millions of doses of medicines.

These doses are hope, health maintenance, pain relief and also life supplementation. Nevertheless, it is impossible to tell this trajectory without mentioning the strength of the people who make all this happen, who took the dream out of thoughts and on paper and turned it into reality.

It all started in the production of teas at the home of its founders, Carmen and Luiz Donaduzzi. From the smallness of the dream came the greatness of the conquest. The foundation was in the dedication and willingness to go further. Partners Celso Prati and Arno Donaduzzi (in memoriam) joined the goal, which gained strength with the arrival of the right people.

Gradually, business took shape. The industry started. Machines were purchased. More people joined the contract. The first drugs were produced, replacing teas, and package inserts were folded by hand. Entrepreneurs saw previously unimagined possibilities and with the help of employees in a short time, they turned Prati-Donaduzzi into one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in Brazil.

In the accomplishment of the dream, the hope that everything would work out and the difficulties would be overcome. “The impossible was replaced by: let's do it. I say that today the dream is a reality, shared with more and more collaborators. We were few and today we are 4.5 thousand people working with one goal: to produce medicines. We do not stop there. The future holds even more. I say never stop dreaming. This 27th anniversary is dedicated to everyone who is part of this trajectory”, says the founding partner, Dr. Carmen Donaduzzi while recalling the first steps.

Currently, Prati-Donaduzzi has the most modern in its industrial park and offering health and well-being to people inspires it in the search for solutions for many diseases and in order to innovate day by day. The pharmaceutical company is known in the market for being the largest producer of generic drugs in Brazil*. Its products are found throughout the national territory. There are more than 36 thousand basic health units and 55 thousand pharmacies that have medicines in the purple box. In 2020, the company expanded its operating strategy and now physicians know and prescribe its branded products.

The industry has a portfolio with more than 400 active and commercial dosage forms. In addition to generic and branded drugs, indicated for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and depression, among others, the portfolio comprises nutraceuticals and herbal medicines and in 2020 it innovated even more with the launch of Prati-Donaduzzi Cannabidiol.

There is no corner of Brazil that the company is not present and its mission is consolidated in each of the 12 billion doses of medicines produced each year. “Our values ​​make us different. Our essence is evidenced in caring for others. We are ambassadors for an externalized passion in each dose produced and consumed by those who need it so much”, says the CEO, Eder Fernando Maffissoni.

New chapters

In order to continue writing a history of success and recognition, the company is booming. It has recently announced an investment of R$ 650 million to expand its industrial park and purchase the most modern equipment in the coming years. In addition, part of these investments is the construction of a new facility, which, in full operation, will increase production capacity by more than 40%. Prati-Donaduzzi will put 17 billion therapeutic doses on the market for the population. “Purple is all over Brazil and our history is just beginning. Everything we have achieved in these 27 years is the inspiration to continue writing our legacy”, concludes Maffissoni.

*IQVIA MAT SET/2020 PMB + NRC Doses Terapêuticas

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