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In Christmas mood: Solidarity action to give gifts to over 100 children

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Children received gifts from their gift sponsors. Photo: Jéssica Dona.

Fun, solidarity and joy marked the fourth edition of the Magical Christmas Tree, which is promoted by Prati-Donaduzzi volunteer group. The action brought the magic of this era to over 100 children, who are children of the company´s employees. 

The event took place last Saturday (14) at Yara Country Club in Toledo. Everything was organized so that the children could have a special afternoon. For that, inflatable toys, trampoline, face painting and a lot of interaction were not lacking. 

The activity was only possible because these children wrote a letter to Santa Claus, which became ornaments of a special tree installed in the industry. Thus, the employees adopted the letters and became the gift sponsors of the children. Saturday was the day to meet their sponsors and witness the joy of having their requests fulfilled. 

“Unlike other years, this edition featured children of our employees. The volunteers worked hard to make everything work out. This reinforces how much the company cares about people”, says Social Responsibility Supervisor, Maria Rita Pozzebon. 

4. Arvore encantada.jpg

Children got surprised when they saw the Mrs. Claus. Photo: Jéssica Dona.

Mrs. Claus 

This edition also had another differential. Instead of Santa Claus presence, Mrs. Claus surprised everyone. She fled the traditional red and white outfit and wore purple robes, which is the color of Prati-Donaduzzi brand. 

Mrs. Claus was the employee Adriana Loureiro Sampaio, who was delighted with the innocence of children in front of the figure of Santa Claus. “It was the first time I played this character and I am honored to have received so much affection and hugs from the little ones. They were surprised when I showed up”, she says. 

Helping others 

Volunteer Luana Cardoso says that helping others is a form of thanks. “We need to be grateful for what we have in our lives. Taking some of our time to volunteer is a good thing. The children have a very pure heart and they were happy for this moment. ” 

Dienifer Majolo, who has been working at Prati for five years, took her twin sons, Arthur and Vinícius, 6, to the event. She says they had been waiting for the moment for days. “When I said they could write a letter to Santa Claus, they were happy. Christmas messes with them.  I am sure they liked it a lot. I am glad the company does actions like this”, she says.

4. Arvore encantada___.jpg

The company´s Volunteer Group was responsible for organizing the activity. Photo: Jéssica Dona.

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