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Prati-Donaduzzi and Shell to promote organ donation awareness

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'Transplanted Cars': Julio Campos and Ricardo Zonta changed their hood at Velopark. Photo: José Mário Dias

An unusual scene caught the attention of those watching the eighth round of Stock Car, which took place on Sunday, 15, at Velopark in Nova Santa Rita, RS: the cars of Julio Campos, Prati-Donaduzzi team, and Ricardo Zonta, Shell V-Power, had their hoods changed just before the start of the first race of the day.

Former Formula 1 driver, Ricardo Zonta, raced by exhibiting Prati-Donaduzzi colors and Julio Campos used Shell´s hood, both totally out of line with the standard layout. The surprise, in fact, was part of an action planned for over six months by the two brands, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of organ donation.

On September 27, the National Organ Donation Day will be celebrated.

“There are thousands of Brazilians waiting for a donation. Lives that can be saved by a simple action of love for others, expressing to their families the intention to be an organ donor. When Prati-Donaduzzi approached me to talk about this action, I immediately engaged in awareness of the cause”, says Julio Campos.

 “It's amazing to use the visibility afforded by motoring to draw attention to a topic as relevant as organ transplantation. I am proud of being part of this project and help to make it relevant to such an important, life-saving agenda”, comments Ricardo Zonta.

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Two rival teams and two brands united in spreading a noble cause through sport. Photo: Cleocinei Zonta

At the same time, during the planning of the action, called “Transplanted Cars”, both Julio and Zonta declare themselves organ donors.

In Brazil, for someone to become a donor, the unique thing is required to do is to let close relatives know their desire.

By accepting to "donate" their brands to the other team by giving up exposure at one of their cars' most visible spots, Shell and Prati-Donaduzzi openly raise a healthy discussion about a theme that sometimes still sounds like a taboo.

A single person willing to help shorten the transplant line can save more than twenty lives.

“Prati-Donaduzzi's investments in sport are in line with our mission to provide health and well-being. And when we talk about a far-reaching platform like Stock, it gives us the opportunity to draw attention to important, life-saving causes such as organ donation”, says Lucas Angnes, Prati-Donaduzzi marketing manager.

“Shell is the largest sponsor of motor sport in Brazil and one of the largest on the planet. We have always been associated with performance, technology and safety. It is very important to impact the audience with messages that transcend the sporting universe, and that is exactly what we are looking for in this joint activation with Prati-Donaduzzi”, says Vicente Sfeir, Motorsport & Sponsorship Manager at Raízen.  

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Color mix in Julio Campos´car, who ran with the hood in the layout of the Shell V-Power team. Photo: José Mário Dias


Prati-Donaduzzi, the 100% capital Brazilian pharmaceutical industry is specialized in the development and production of generic drugs. Based in Toledo, western Paraná, Prati-Donaduzzi produces about 11.5 billion therapeutic doses per year and has about 4,200 employees. The company has one of the largest portfolios of generic drugs in Brazil* and aims to grow its sales and production capacity by 15% in 2019.


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