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Prati-Donaduzzi gathers employees from its 31 branches for unprecedented training

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In addition to the moments of immersion, the employees made technical visits 

For the first time, Prati-Donaduzzi gathered in Toledo (PR) the employees of its 31 distribution units present in 25 states of the country to go through a cycle of learning and development. In addition, the meeting served to align expectations with these professionals on the company's growth plans. 

During two days, July 2 and 3, more than 30 professionals such as supervisors, technical managers and analysts who work in the distribution units and at the headquarters had the opportunity to learn about the complete manufacturing process of the drugs. They learned from the planning and control of production to the loading area of ​​the trucks from which all drugs that daily arrive in their branches come out. 

These professionals act directly in the distributors' operational processes, which consists of receiving and storing the medicines, separating products and orders, checking them, making their shipment and coordinating transportation to the final customer. In order for the customer delivery process to take place, the branches have different operating models (own or outsourced), as well as support from carriers. 

According to the distribution and customer service manager, Felipe Maziero, the objective of the meeting was to provide qualification and knowledge of these employees that help in the delivery of drugs. "They are key players of our logistics. They represent us all over the country, consolidating the brand in the market and growth strategies. "  


"It was a wonderful meeting, with many values and information. I take with me, friends, goals and in my heart the best thing to grow at Prati-Donaduzzi", said Pharmacist Vanessa Colinski, who works at Jandira Distribution Center in São Paulo. 

Pharmacist Mario Dinelli came from Espírito Santo and evaluated the meeting as positive. "I've been at Prati since 2014 and this immersion has allowed me to get to know the people we work with, the company mission and work processes. I learned a lot these two days."

At the activities´ closing time, during the dynamics of what they would take from these days in the industry, they mentioned phrases and words like: purple pride, Prati family, willingness to do better, gratitude and attitude.


Visit to the Falls 

Prior to the visit to Prati-Donaduzzi manufacturing facility in order to learn about the work processes, the group went to Foz do Iguaçu to visit the Iguaçu National Park, home to Iguaçu Falls. 

*IQVIA MAT MAIO/2019 PMB + NRC Doses Terapêuticas

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