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Prati-Donaduzzi and the Toledo City Hall initiate the “Sustainable Prati” activities


On Monday (the 27th), Prati-Donaduzzi and Toledo City Hall initiated the activities of the Sustainable Prati project, which is being developed at the City School Engenheiro Waldyr Luiz Becker, located in Jardim Coopagro. About 100 students are served through this initiative, which aims to contribute for the development of environmental and social awareness in children.

The project will be carried out with classes from the 4th year full-time and the actions will take place once a month until December. The first is scheduled for next Monday (the 04th). During the classes, there is the exercise of concepts up to practical actions involving topics such as: dengue fever, traffic education, separate collection, recycling, citizenship, conscious consumption X waste, respect and coexistence, environmental education and reforestation. The project also includes visits to the landfill, to the tree nursery and to the Cascavel zoo.

According to Maria Rita Pozzebon, the person in charge of Prati-Donaduzzi’s Social Responsibility area, the goal of the project – now in its second edition – is to attract the attention of students, so that they realize the importance of preserving the environment and respecting other people’s space. “We changed a few issues in the project this year to bring something different to the children and to strengthen what is already explored in the classroom, in the Environmental Education discipline,” she says.

According to Luci Graciela Kuhn, coordinator of Environmental Education of the Toledo’s City Secretariat of Education, the project is of utmost importance. “The Secretariat of Education welcomes the partnership and hopes that the project may go ahead and that we may extend it to other schools,” she emphasizes.

To Marisa Salete Todescatti, principal at School Engenheiro Waldyr Becker, the partnership, in this second year, will contribute to the work that is already developed in the school environment. “It is an important moment for the school to invest again in this partnership that strengthens what we already work with in the classroom. It is a pleasure to have Prati-Donaduzzi here in our school and we hope we are able to develop a good job in 2015,” she adds.

The project is conducted by Prati-Donaduzzi through the Social Responsibility and Environment sections, in partnership with the Toledo’s City Secretariat of Education and with the teaching staff of City School Engenheiro Waldyr Luiz Becker.

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