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Dietary Supplements from Prati-Donaduzzi to obtain international quality certification from NSF

Prati-Donaduzzi Pharmaceutical Industry, headquartered in Toledo, in the west of Paraná, has been certified by NSF International. The title is awarded to the pharmaceutical industry in the fourth year of certification, after two maximum results in inspections carried out by the organization considered the world leader in food safety. The seal attests to the high rigor employed in the production of the company's dietary supplements.

NSF certification, known as the international “gold standard,” helps consumers identify products that have been independently tested and certified to meet stringent quality, safety and labeling requirements. NSF is a non-governmental organization recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Prati-Donaduzzi has been exporting food supplements since 2018, achieving NSF certification all along. However, in the last two years, 2020 and 2021, the pharmaceutical industry obtained the best ratings from the institution in inspections of the dietary supplement plant, raising it to obtain the certification.

The director of the Quality System, Luciano Rosado, explains that the process carried out by the agency is strict and has a highly regarded credibility. "The inspection is carried out once a year to verify compliance with the US FDA's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) within the highest standards." Its validation proves that the products are in line with the highest international safety and quality references.



Obtaining the certification is a differential in the market and demonstrates the quality of Prati-Donaduzzi's products. “We started our internationalization, opened the way and moved forward. Now we have grown stronger and gained notoriety. We have been at the level of maximum degree to be obtained in an NSF certification for two years and this path is valued with this mark”, celebrates the director of the Dietary Supplement area, Nelson Ferreira Claro Júnior.


Currently, Prati-Donaduzzi exports to the North American market a line with eight products produced according to its client's specifications. On the other hand, in the national market the company has 30 products, all from Vigora Plus line. Among them, omega 3, coconut oil, vitamin D, vitamins and minerals, vitamin E, calcium and vitamin D3 and multivitamins for men and elderly women.

Even with different sanitary legislation, Vigora line products sold in Brazil meet the strict standards of the pharmaceutical industry to be produced. They are dietary supplements with balanced formulas; soft gelatin capsules; lactose and gluten free and with a guarantee of safety and quality.

Dietary Supplements are products for oral ingestion, intended to supplement the diet of healthy individuals with nutrients, bioactive substances, enzymes or probiotics that bring benefits to people's physical and mental health.



Prati-Donaduzzi, a Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, is specialized and a benchmark in the development and production of generic drugs. Headquartered in Toledo, Western Paraná, it produces approximately 13 billion therapeutic doses per year and generates more than 4,600 employments. The industry has one of the largest generic drug portfolios in Brazil and it has been working in the area of Medical Prescriptions since 2019.

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