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Schizophrenia: learn more about the disease that affects 2 million Brazilians


World Schizophrenia Day is annually remembered on May 24. Photo: Prati-Donaduzzi Press.

This Monday (24) we celebrate the World Schizophrenia Day. The purpose of the date is to warn about symptoms, treatment and even mitigate the stigma of the disease that affects 23 million people worldwide, according to data from PAHO (Pan American Health Organization). In Brazil, the Ministry of Health reports that two million people are carriers of this serious mental disorder, which affects the ability to distinguish reality from delusions and hallucinations.

The disorder is marked by outbreaks involving paranoia, such as hearing voices and believing that you are being chased. Pedro Antonio Pierro Neto, neurosurgeon invited by pharmacist Prati-Donaduzzi to talk about the topic, explains that in severe cases of the disease, it is common for patients to report conversations with beings from another planet and delusional situations of voices talking to each other. “But not every schizophrenic hears voices; sometimes the patient is just disconnected from the environment and the reality in which they live”, he says.

It is common for the disease to manifest itself in adolescence or early adulthood, between 15 and 35 years of age, and there is no predominant incidence between genders. There are milder cases with confusing features, which often makes diagnosis difficult. Nowadays, there are different types of schizophrenia:

- catatonic schizophrenia;

- paranoid schizophrenia;

- Disorganized schizophrenia;

- Undifferentiated schizophrenia. 

Causes of disease

The causes of schizophrenia are not exact and the diagnosis is essentially clinical. It is known that the genetic factor has a great influence on the possibility of developing the disease, that is, if there is a family member who is a carrier, there is a chance of relatives also have the disorder.

An accepted and widespread concept in medicine is that of vulnerability versus stress, considering that the combination of the presence of vulnerability with stressful factors, such as living in environments and situations that cause stress and the lack of resources to deal with it, can trigger the disease. The use of psychoactive drugs is also a potential trigger for schizophrenia. 

The treatment

Schizophrenia is primarily treated with medication, with the use of antipsychotics. These drugs have evolved a lot in recent decades. Those ones currently used for the treatment of the pathology cause fewer side effects and help the patient to have a healthier quality of life.

“Around 30% of patients with the disease who undergo treatment manage to have total control. The other 70% will have partial or no control in the most severe cases”, explains the neurosurgeon.

Along with drug treatment, it is common for patients to undergo psychotherapy and occupational therapy. In this way, the schizophrenic works with social skills to facilitate interaction with others and allow for social integration. The support of society and family members is very important for this to happen. Information about the pathology breaks prejudices and welcomes people. Knowledge is the key to changing lives.

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