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World Health Day: Prati-Donaduzzi to reinforce its commitment to millions of Brazilians

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With a portfolio of more than 400 presentations, which includes branded products. Photo: Prati-Donaduzzi

From the kitchen of the house of its founders, Dra Carmen and Dr Luiz Donaduzzi, to one of the 1000 largest and most innovative companies in Brazil. This is the successful trajectory of Prati-Donaduzzi, a pharmaceutical industry located in Toledo, in the West of Paraná (PR), which has been caring for the health of Brazilians for 27 years by producing generic, branded drugs, cannabis-based products, and others.

Present throughout the national territory, Prati-Donaduzzi's medicines and products are available in more than 55 thousand pharmacies and 36 thousand basic health units, guaranteeing access to health for millions of Brazilians.

With a portfolio of more than 400 presentations, which includes branded products, herbal medicines and dietary supplements, in addition to generic medicines, in which it is the market leader - the industry stands out in the pharmaceutical segment. The company is recognized for investing in innovation and research, being the first to make treatment with Cannabidiol produced domestically a reality.

Last year, it launched the first Brazilian cannabis-based product , Cannabidiol Prati-Donaduzzi (in a concentration of 200 mg/mL) and this year it placed on the market two more new product presentations, with 20 mg/mL and 50 mg/mL , which allows greater accessibility to the population that needs treatment with lower concentrations. This step is part of its commitment to the health of Brazilians.

In addition to Cannabidiol, Prati-Donaduzzi expands its portfolio with prescription drugs, aimed at the Central Nervous System (CNS) area. The new products are part of the pharmaceutical company's commitment to advancing investments in the area of ​​Research, Development and Innovation.


According to the CEO, Eder Fernando Maffissoni, even in difficult times like now, in a pandemic, the company has not stopped. “I say that we have no right to do so. On the contrary, we are producing even more drugs at this time we are badly in need. We have a firm commitment to the health of the population, which is strengthened when we allow treatment to those who need it so much with our medicines, which are known for the purple box. 

More than not stopping, the industry grows. A new manufacturing facility is being built. The facility has a horizontal concept of use, which allows for better optimization of production spaces and will house high-tech European equipment, innovation and performance.

With full operation, the company's production capacity shall reach 17 billion doses per year, an increase of 41% from the current one. The physical expansion of the industry will also support the expansion of the pharmaceutical product portfolio. "For the future? We are going to produce even more, always taking better care of the health of Brazilians”, concludes Maffissoni. 


Prati-Donaduzzi, a Brazilian pharmaceutical industry, is specialized and a benchmark in the development and production of generic drugs. Headquartered in Toledo, Western Paraná, it produces approximately 12 billion therapeutic doses per year and generates more than 4,500 employments. The industry has one of the largest generic drug portfolios in Brazil and it has been working in the area of Medical Prescriptions since 2019.

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