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Prati-Sustainable Project to guide students on seedling cultivation and propagation

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Students were able to learn about Florir Toledo and seedling propagation. Photo: Jéssica Donas 

A group of 100 students, from the 4th grade of Engenheiro Waldyr Luiz Becker Municipal School, followed in practice how the cultivation and propagation of seedlings is done during a visit at Florir Toledo greenhouse. Prati-Sustainable Project, developed by Prati-Donaduzzi on Tuesday (17), promoted the action.

During the visit, they got to know the greenhouses, observed the irrigation system and learned about the necessary nutrients of each species. In the end, they brought seedlings home.

Learning about the cultivation systematically was a preparatory action for next Prati-Sustainable activity. In October, the children will plant tree seedlings in a reforestation area in Toledo.

According to Prati-Donaduzzi environmental technician, Faneza de Oliveria, Florir Toledo is an ideal place for activities and for children to learn about plants. “They followed in practice how seedlings and species best suited to each region are produced”, she said.

Florir Toledo space currently has approximately 30,000 seedlings divided between ornamental, aromatic and medicinal.

Ação_Florir Toledo. Foto Jéssica Dona (2).jpg

Florir Toledo space currently has approximately 30,000 seedlings divided between ornamental. Photo: Jéssica Dona

Care for nature

“For us at Florir, it was very nice to receive the students. Our team interacted with the children and taught about the work we do here. Undoubtedly, Prati-Sustainable project is differentiated. We have been partners for a long time”, said Florir Toledo's coordinator, Oséia Soares dos Santos.

Following the action, teacher Cirlei Elizabete Gozzi Moreira, emphasized that the class of the day was different and brought too much learning. “The work Prati-Sustainable does to our children is magnificent. The environment needs care and students are being trained to do so”, said the teacher.

“It is important to take care of nature. The more trees we have, the better it will be for the planet. Today we learned about the types of plants. It was very interesting. I loved the environmental education class”, said the 9-year-old student, Fernando da Silva.


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