Sponsorship and Backing

Incentive Laws

Fiscal incentive laws allow individuals and legal entities to entitle a portion of their paid taxes to the execution of social, cultural, sport, and health projects. For companies, such as in the case of Prati-Donaduzzi, it is an opportunity to support causes which align themselves with its objectives and can increase its impact on society.

Learn about each of the laws and projects backed by Prati-Donaduzzi:

Fund for Children and Adolescents - FIA

Toledo City Hall - Pact for the Infancy

The provisions of funds to the City Hall, through the Pact for the Child Program, will allow resources to be allocated to welfare institutions located in the municipality and registered in the Program, which serves children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability. The raised funds are destined to projects aimed at promoting, protecting, guaranteeing and defending the rights of children and adolescents.

This year, the following institutions will be included. In total, they assist 1,142 children and adolescents:

  • São Vicente de Paulo Social Action;
  • Association of Parents and Friends of the Disabled People in Toledo (APAE);
  • Aldeia Infantil Betesda Social and Educational Center;
  • Assistance Center of the Diocese of Toledo - Casa de Maria;
  • Charity Center for Early Childhood Education - ‘Ledi Maas Lions’;
  • Health Charitable Association of the West of Paraná - HOESP.

Statute of the Elderly

Jaguariense Association of Social Interests - Jaguari - RS

The incentives destined to Jaguariense Association of Social Interests (AJIS), a civil, philanthropic, charitable and assistance entity, are applied to physical improvements in the Long Term institution, the “Pequena Casa da Divina Providência” (Little House of Divine Providence). The institution that welcomes and accompanies the elderly in different situations of social vulnerability, ensuring them housing, food, leisure, and medical and social assistance, thus guaranteeing the fulfillment of their social rights.

This year, the project aims to expand the leisure space for the elderly and refurbish environments to protect against climate issues, making it possible to increase and improve activities with the elderly.

Erasto Gaertner Hospital

Erasto Gaertner Hospital, based in Curitiba, is a reference in the fight against cancer and receives patients from all over Brazil, working with a focus on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, teaching and research of cancer. The work that started in 1972 allowed the Hospital to be considered the largest cancer treatment center in the south of the country. The support is provided for the ‘For the Life of the Elderly in cancer treatment’ project.

One of the main public assisted at the hospital is the elderly and this year's contribution will contribute to investments in different sectors of the hospital that meet the demands of diagnosis and treatment of elderly patients, considering that the quality of cancer treatment is decisive in rehabilitation, survival and well-being of these patients.

Angelina Caron Hospital

Angelina Caron Hospital is located in the metropolitan region of Curitiba and is recognized for the care of patients from the Public Health System (SUS). People from all over Brazil find in the hospital the possibility of treatment for several diseases. Elderly patients are part of the public assisted and the constant improvement in care for them is the result of many studies carried out by the hospital staff.

The provision of incentives will allow these studies to happen and, consequently, there will be an improvement in the quality of the service provided and even in the structure of the place.

Rouanet Law

Art Missionaries

With the mission of keeping alive Rio Grande do Sul (gaucho) and Paraná´s cultural traditions through performing arts, especially dance, the group involves the participation of approximately 120 people. They are children, young people and adults united in order to promote culture through artistic and musical presentations.

The project is a reference in the folk dance segment in Paraná and aims to keep activities related to the traditions of southern Brazil. The support for the project helps to maintain the performance of these activities and constant improvements. It also highlights the concern of Prati-Donaduzzi in promoting the well-being of people.

Academy of Letters

Recognized as one of the most active in Paraná, the Academy of Letters and Arts of Toledo gathers writers, poets, teachers and lovers of literature in order to study and deepen in various issues. It also promotes and participates in meetings with other state academies to foster the construction of a cultural identity. This year, the contribution will allow for the 15th Meeting of the Academies of Letters and Arts of Paraná.


The project carried out by the Prati-Donaduzzi Recreational Sports Society (Serprati) gives more than 70 participants the chance to experience learning about music in choral and instrumental format. Participants are challenged to make artistic presentations at meetings and festivals. The project fosters art and culture in Toledo - PR and contributes to the formation of talents. This year, in addition to serving the adult public, the project brings as a novelty the formation of the children's choir.

Specialists of Joy

Formed by a group of 25 clowns united with the objective of bringing humanization and affection to the hospital environment, the specialists of joy have been acting for six more years at Erasto Gaertner Hospital in Curitiba-PR. The troupe brings joy, embrace, comfort and a smile to family members, patients and companions.

Bringing love with humor is what keeps the group together and active. Through the incentive laws, the project continues and transforms a difficult moment with a little more lightness.

Sports Incentive Law

Mais Vôlei Toledo Program

Developed by the Municipal Department of Sports and Leisure (SMEL) and Toledo Volleyball Association (Avotol), the project assists over 300 athletes in Toledo-PR. The aim is to improve the training conditions of the teams (male and female) and contribute to participation in regional and state competitions. In addition, the aim is to encourage sports for children. Volleyball schools are held in various neighborhoods in the city.

Support through the Tax Incentive Laws allows the project to be carried out, participation in championships and the propagation of the modality in the municipality.

Paraná Sports Incentive Law (Proesporte)

Beach Volleyball

Extending the incentive to Toledo volleyball modality, Prati-Donaduzzi also supports the Beach Volleyball project of Toledo Volleyball Association (Avotol). Over 50 athletes from 10 to 30 years old will be assisted, in the basic and performance categories.

The training will take place on the sand courts of 14 de Dezembro Olympic Center, in Jardim Santa Maria, and will aim to popularize volleyball by providing healthy activity with high pedagogical capacity for children, adolescents and adults.