What is it?


PHARMACOVIGILANCE is the follow up done on the medication’s performance that has already been launched on the market. A collection of procedures related to detection, evaluation, comprehension and prevention of adverse events associated with the consumption of the medicine.

In case you, or someone you know, have experienced any adverse effects while using a medication from Prati-Donaduzzi, please, fill in the following form, even if the event is already known or even if it seems not related to the usage of the medicine.

An adverse event can be a symptom, a disease, an altered exam result, lack of effectiveness, among others.

Let us know! Your information can have a great value to the health of the population and safety of the drug.

The form has four pages. Fill in the fields of each page then click on “continue” to go to the next page. When you have finished filling in, click on “send”.

Patient details

Notifier Details

Event Data


Next two questions must be answered if the medication has been discontinued, reduced or reintroduced.

The event improved after discontinuation or decreasing the dose of the product?

The event reappeared after the reintroduction of the product?

Medication Suspicion

Medical History

Patient had this adverse event with this drug in the previous treatment was interrupted?

Patient had another adverse event with this drug in the previous treatment was interrupted? *

Patient had similar symptoms in the past, independent of any measurement?

Patient already had similar symptoms with other medications? **

Patient ever had any other EA? **

* respond only in cases of suspected drug treatment and had been disrupted
**ef so specified in the historic below

Report present and past illnesses, historical poisoning, allergies and other factors and predisposition. (Including relevant Family History).

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