Partner with us

Internally Prati-Donaduzzi works with a team of researchers dedicated to research and developing incremental improvements such as: new formulas and pharmaceutical associations, technologies related to the improvement of solubility and bioavailability, safety increase, modified release, improvement of organoleptic properties, among other improvements.

Following the new scope of strategic development we have been looking for partnerships with university researchers and research institutes in Brazil and abroad. Nowadays we already have narrowed the approach towards TIG’s (Technological Innovation Groups) from universities through visits, research prospects and accreditation of researchers.

Prati-Donaduzzi sees this partnerships as growth opportunities, promoting knowledge and appreciating scientific research for the company, university, researcher and society. We believe that each member in these partnerships plays an important role in scientific innovation and growth in Brazil.

Considering all these actions the company desires to approximate the academic world with the objective to construct together, far beyond the product, a way to contínuously invest in basic science research for the common benefit of the whole society.

Willing to be involved actively in every step of the production chain and improve technical knowledge, Prati-Donaduzzi also invests in a fine chemical park that has as an objective to nationalize strategies and pharmaceutical synthesis routes, and moreover to make future studies available for prototypes and drug binding.