Research, Development & Inovation

Prati-Donaduzzi produces yearly more than 11 billion pharmaceutical doses and foresees growth in its facilities in the years to come. With more than 20 years of success the company reinforces the usage of cutting-edge technology for Research, Development and Innovation to develop and produce medication.

We are neophytes by definition. Prati-Donaduzzi, since its conception, is a company focused in seeking the new, whether it is new products, new technologies or new businesses. And seeking the new became a strategy to the development of innovation.

The RDI sector is installed with a modern infrastructure of pharmaceutical development, moreover an outstanding model of management, focusing on people’s development, valuing ideas and creativity.

With a wide area dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation, the “Park of Creativity” makes equipment available with the potential of developing forefront research in pharmaceutical technology, areas of development of solid, liquids and semisolids galenics and the development of nutraceuticals. In additional there is an area reserved specifically for the development and research of oncologic medication.

Our RDI team has more than 200 professionals highly qualified - pharmaceuticals, chemists, biologists – among them PHD’s, master’s and experts. We have a very curious team and also a team that love their work. With enthusiasm ever present, we constantly question and seek ways to do things differently to make a difference.

What do we understand as innovation:

Innovation means something new or a renovation, but the concept of innovation is broad, depending mainly where it is going to be applied.

We consider innovation as the successful usage of new ideas, focusing on the constant improvement of quality of life in society.

Radical Innovation: or innovation of rupture is the development of a new technology or the discovery of new molecules that may represent an option of treatment or improvement in the quality of life, representing a new paradigm in the pharmaceutical business. (Our constant search, is the goal of the near future)

Incremental innovation: it reflects improvements on a certain level in products or in the product line (better absorption, better flavor, reduction in the number of plugs, reduction of adverse effects, etc.), considering that this advancements are easily noticed by the medical community as well as by the consumers. It is the first step towards developing a culture of innovation within the company.