SerMúsica: talent which is taken seriously


As a means of encouraging culture among the employees, Prati-Donaduzzi has SER MÚSICA PROJECT (To be Music projetc), whose main aim is to expand the contact of its employees with artistic activities, especially music.
The project is a partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the Sports and Recreational Society – SERPRATI, which is nowadays consisted of the Choir Group and Solo Singers. Due to the fact that the projects are independent, they have different features.
In 2015, the Choir celebrated 10 years of existence and it has been projected on choir scenario all around the West of Paraná by taking part in Choir Events and several artistic performances. Its repertoire consists of works of varied musical genres and styles, and in the last three years it has prepared high quality vocal and artistic concerts, such as the 1st Christmas Cantata, Gala Concert (classical music) and Christmas Concert, which was a great success in Toledo.
The Solo project has been held for three years and it is intended to employees who want to develop the participation in musical festivals and individual performances. The main aim is to work the historical context of music through repertoires which go from international pop to traditional Brazilian music.