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 “Ser Prati” Musical-Scenic Choir

coral.jpgPrati-Donaduzzi supports, through Rouanet Law, “Ser Prati” Musical-Scenic Choir project, which belongs to Prati-Donaduzzi Sports and Recreational Society – SERPRATI. The project aims at the implementation of performing arts workshops, vocal technique and improvisation, aiming at the direct assistance in these cultural practices to 90 students who belong to Ser Prati Musical-Scenic Choir.
This action will culminate as a cultural product resulting from the Project into two musical-scenic performances made by students of the project, which will be presented to the society free of charge, estimating a public of approximately 5,000 people and the Group participation in four Festivals.



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Through Fundo da Infãncia e Adolescência – FIA (Children and Adolescence Fund), Prati-Donaduzzi supports “Pelo Direito à Vida” project (For the Right to life). The project is intended to children and teenagers undergoing health treatment at Pequeno Príncipe Hospital and it aims at the improvement of the patients life quality, as well as the reduction of children and teenagers mortality.
Pequeno Príncipe is the largest pediatric hospital of high and intermediate complexity in Brazil and it allocates 70% of its capacity to assist children and teenagers who come from National Health System (SUS), being a reference in high and intermediate complexity treatments.
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Rhythmic Gymnastics in Toledo - RG

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The Rhythmic Gymnastics in Toledo was set up in the 1990s and it has had a history of achievements and accomplishments over the last few years, with national and international campion athletes, with gymnasts and a coach integrating the adult Brazilian national team, either on individual or on group in recent years. The project, which started in a local sports school, gained strength due to the involvement of public institutions and the sponsorship of private enterprise.
In 2016, Prati-Donaduzzi is a partner of the project, supporting the modality through Sports Incentive Law. Nowadays, the efficiency team consists of 60 gymnasts, with athletes in all the categories, in individual and group, in addition to having hundreds of children who take part in RG schools through Athlete of the Future project. Those schools serve as a basis for the discovery of new talents.

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Through Sports Incentive Law, Prati-Donaduzzi is the supporter of “Mais Vôlei” Project, which was developed by the Municipal Secretary of Sports and Leisure (SMEL) and the Association of Volleyball in Toledo (AVOTOL).
This project aims to improve the training conditions of (male and female) teams of volleyball and beach volleyball of Toledo City Hall and it also aims to make the participation available in regional and state competitions. It assists 110 athletes directly and over 1,000 people indirectly. Thus, it will be possible to expand volleyball in the town by benefiting children, teenagers and adults.

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Erasto Gaertner Hospital


Prati-Donaduzzi is one of the partner companies of Erasto Gaertner Hospital through National Oncological Care Support Program – PRONON. The company supports the project of Surgical Center procedure expansion and PACs implantation – System of Communication and Archiving of Medical Imaging.
Erasto Gaertner is a center of excellence in cancer diognosis and treatment, a benckmark in the South of the country. It is a Philanthropic hospital and assists more than 92% of its patients through National Health System (SUS), with highly qualified professionals.
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