Prati-Donaduzzi refurbishes CMEI Jenny Donaduzzi (Nursery School)

12 May 2017, 12:00 am
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Jenny Donaduzzi Municipal Center for Early Childhood Education is undergoing a complete renovation to better serve 117 children from zero to three years old (with some vacancies still available). The repairs are carried out by Prati-Donaduzzi pharmaceutical industry building crew. The company has also donated the materials.
The repair will be carried out both internally and externally in the nursery school. All indoor places will be painted and made minor repairs. The water fountains will go through a repair, as will the bathroom faucets and the flush valves of the toilets, as well as the change in the nursery diaper changer. The kitchen was also contemplated, with the change of the extractor hood and the protection nets of the windows and alignment of the cabinets´ hinges. The outside places will also receive a new painting. It will be done cleaning and changing the awnings installed in the entrance, playground and solariums to protect from the sun and rain; installation of an ecological floor in the back of the playground for children to play; the exchange of synthetic grass in the playground; construction of the exit gate in the back and exchange of the solarium drain grids.
According to the CMEI Jenny Donaduzzi principal, Evandra Billig, the Municipal Center completed ten years in March and needs a repair in the environments to better care the children. "Prati-Donaduzzi has already helped us at various times and now receiving this help again will be of great value among Cmei's needs at the moment, some due to climate changes such as the awnings in the playground and the solariums damaged by the winds. For we know that an adequate and welcoming space turns learning into a stimulating tool and creates conditions so that the educational act can be reflected in bio-psycho-social development. We are very happy and grateful for the partnership aiming at the Social Responsibility that the Company has, in favor of the quality in teaching our children”, she emphasizes.
Prati-Donaduzzi is a company concerned with people and also with community institutions located in its surroundings, with a social focus. "We are concerned about the well-being of people in general; We know that several of our employees' children attend CMEI's in our city. Thus, we are carrying out this repair action at Jenny Donaduzzi, as we know that this will improve the quality of care for these children”, emphasizes Prati-Donaduzzi's Social Responsibility supervisor, Maria Rita Pozzebon.