Prati-Donaduzzi supports inaugural lecture of the Academic League of Cardiology of UFPR

11 May 2017, 12:00 am
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In celebration of the National Day of Prevention and Control of Hypertension, held on April 26, the Academic League of Cardiology (LAC), recently created by the medical students of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Campus Toledo, held an inaugural lecture to the cardiologists, the academic community and health professionals from Toledo and region.
At the opportunity, the pharmaceutical industry Prati-Donaduzzi supported the event which had important lectures on hypertension. "Issues related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment were discussed, topics that will certainly contribute to the formation and subsequent performance of the attending students", said the coordinating professor, Ana Paula Susin Osório. "We believe that the result was very positive, we had the presence of academics from various health courses and professionals already working in the city. The lectures were very well conducted, with excellent speakers, such as Dr. Gerson, current president of the Sociedade Paranaense de Cardiologia", added Ana.
Arterial hypertension is a prevalent pathology in the Brazilian population, which requires qualified professionals for its proper diagnosis and treatment. According to the coordinator of the event and medical student, Rafael Paltanin, the action marked the beginning of the League's activities. "We created the League to encourage studies and discussions in the area of cardiology and hypertension is related in it, so we chose it as the theme of the inaugural class. The League aims to have more practical knowledge about different subjects related to cardiology”, she emphasized.

The League
The Academic League of Cardiology is a university extension activity consisted of a group of students from the UFPR Medical School, Toledo Campus, with the objective of expanding and developing scientific knowledge in the area of Cardiology. Cardiovascular diseases are currently very prevalent in Brazil, contributing to morbidity and mortality, so that the expansion of studies in this area is essential for medical training.
The League also intends to promote activities and campaigns to prevent cardiovascular diseases among the population of Toledo, thus contributing to the improvement of local health conditions and the scientific development of the region.