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Learning Program


Learning Program is a technical-professional program which foresees the implementation of theoretical and practical activities, under educational approach of an entity which is qualified in methodical technical-professional training and with practical activities coordinated by the employer, in accordance with MTE Ordinance Legislation no. 723, April 23rd 2012.

This program enables the teenagers and young people to have the opportunity of professional qualification and insertion into the labor market. The apprentice is the teenager or young person, from 14 to 24 years old, who is enrolled and attending school, in case they have not concluded High School (art. 428, caput and § 1st, of CLT - Brazilian Work Legislation).



• Tranportation allowance;

• Meal in the company;

• SERPRATI - internal health insurance (doctor and dentist´s appointment and exams) and partnership in a country club.



The courses are offerd in partnership with Senai:


Teenager (14 to 17 years old)

Administrative Assistant


Young People (18 to 22 years old*)

Administrative Assistant

Chemical Process Operator


*The young person must be up to 22 years old in order to participate in the selective process because the limit age to remain in the learning program is up to 24.