People at Prati-Donaduzzi

Prati-Donaduzzi’s active ingredient is its human capital. It is because we believe in the potential of every employee that we constantly invest in the development of people. For this, we implemented a number of programs and benefits, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth, showing the company is concerned with everybody’s well-being.



When I arrived in Toledo, I learned of the company I had never heard before. One day I decided to fill out a resume and I was invited to participate in the Young Apprentice Program and I was one of the selected people from a group of 45 young apprentices for the course of a year as Pharmaceutical Industrial Machine Operator. In 2013, I was hired and passed the internal selection process for Manufacturing Industrial Instructor and I got to add more knowledge about all the manufacturing departments. In 2014, I started my degree in Human Resources Technology. In the same year I was invited to work with the Production Manager as an administrative assistant and then I started to introduce the production area for all the visitors, such as customers and university students. In 2016, I was promoted as Production Analyst. I thank God for all the opportunities and achievements, I thank my family for the support and I am very grateful for all the friends I have been making for all these years. I love the city and I am very happy to be in this company that gives us quality and knowledge. 
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Tarley Nunes Santos
Production Analyst
My first contact with Prati was in 2009 when I participated in  the vacation internship entitled “Plantando sementes para o futuro” (Planting seeds for the future). In the first month of internship, I was in several departments of the company and, therefore, I was able to decide that it was the field I should follow for my professional future: pharmaceutical industry. In the second month of internship (next vacation internship) I opted for RD&I. Thus, I got to know, a little more closely the routine of work carried out in Analytical RD&I Department, which was further intensified with the mandatory internship, where, working on the project of internship conclusion, I could widen my horizons and improved my systemic vision. About two years later, the challenge of leading a team came, then I became a team leader of one of the laboratories. Every year, new challenges arose, the responsibilities were also increasing, and nowdays I work as a team leader of the analytical post-approval of RD&I department, which is a key department for the company. I feel very honored by the trust placed in my work (from an intern up to now) and by the opportunities I had to keep on studying, since nowadays I am taking my third post-graduate course (under Prati´s support) and I have already participated in several trainings within my expertise area, which is people management. Through my history at Prati, I can see how devoted, flexible and committed as a professional this company made me become, and I just have to thank Prati for it. 

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 Priscila Chiamulera Mantovani
RD&I Team Leader