Science Universe



Imagine a Universe where the scientific learning takes place in a dynamic, different and funny way! That´s the Science Universe!

The project, idealized by Luiz Donaduzzi - the founding partner of Prati-Donaduzzi, is addressed to elementary and high school students from public and private schools in Toledo, contemplating young students from 12 to 16 years old.


The program also provides the valorization of team work, ideas and new horizons and experiences which are part of the scientific universe. In addition, the participants have the opportunity of knowing Prati-Donaduzzi - one of the largest manufacturing industries in Brazil. 350 students have already participated since the beginning of the program.



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Turmas 2016


"It is very nice to know in practice the contents through experiences. In addition, I met new people and made friends in the Program".

Alisson Gonçalves
9th Grade/15 years old



"I am finding this experience amazing, because I love Biology. Here at Universe of Science, I can put into practice what I learned in theory at school".

Débora Klug
9th Grade/14 years old



"Participating in the Universe of Science is very fun and I learn different experiences from the ones at school. I am looking forward to the Biology classes, because I intend to follow in the field of Veterinary Medicine".

Eduarda Stern
9th Grade/13 years old



"It has been really fun to take part in the Universe of Science. The experiences of Physics, Chemistry and the ones focused on Engineering are the experiences which arouse the most curiosity".

Rodrigo Brendler
8th Grade/14 years old