Conheça Mais (Learn More)


Prati-Donaduzzi is constantly innovating in relationship and loyalty actions with their clients throughout Brazil. In order to enhance the institutional marketing of the company and increase brand credibility with the pharmaceutical class, the “Conheça Mais” (Learn More) project was created in August 2010

The “Conheça Mais” is essential to strengthen the relationship between the brand and the clients, creating bonds and trust relations, as well as retaining and consolidating partnerships. Visitors approach the identity of Prati-Donaduzzi and start knowing in details its mission and values.

The clients start knowing Prati-Donaduzzi’s structure and are able to prove the rigorous quality systems employed from reception and storage of raw materials to the productive stage.

In addition to all the technology and modernity, Prati-Donaduzzi opens its doors to present the dedication, love and commitment employed in every stage of research, production and marketing of their medications.






"I had not known Prati-Donaduzzi yet and, this first time lived up my expectations. Now I have met the company, I am looking at the medicines produced here with different eyes, because I buy many medicines from Prati-Donaduzzi for my pharmacy."

 Clidenor Patrício
 Farmácia São Sebastião
 Nova Cruz / RN


"I came to know Prati-Donaduzzi six years ago, but now I see how much this company has changed, the visit was perfect, the people are very welcoming. Prati-Donaduzzi is a great partner of ours".


Diogo Oliveira
Natal / RN

Fabiana_Ultra Popular.JPG

"I am graduating from Pharmacy this year and I had not known of any pharmaceutical industry yet. I was delighted with the industrial process and the modernization of Prati-Donaduzzi.I can now pass trustworthiness to my client at the counter. It was a wonderful experience I will keep with me forever."

 Fabiana Paula dos Santos
 Drogaria Ultrapopular
 Campo Grande / MS


"I found the history of the company very interesting, from its beginning to its rise, the changes, expansion and Dr. Carmem's  incredible vision of the world, her perception and the need of overcoming obstacles in the course of Prati's history. The tour in the industry was also interesting and I found everything very clean and organized."

Lidiane Silva de Souza Lima
Drogaria Popular
Santarém/ Pará


"I did not use to have a negative view of the laboratory, but the visit came to positively reinforce the quality of the laboratory and the seriousness and commitment as everything inside is treated. I also found the people entry control really advanced in comparison with other laboratories I have visited."

 Mário Henrique C. Soares
 Farmácia Ribeiro
 Monte Alegre/ Pará