Stock Car: Prati-Donaduzzi is back with Campos and Pizzonia

21 November 2016, 12:00 am
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köp Viagra stockholm Prati-Donaduzzi started at Stock Car in 2012 and recorded its best performance with Campos and Pizzonia. There were four victories (two of each), four pole positions and four best laps. Campos topped the standings in the middle of 2015 and had already become the first to climb twice on the podium on the same day within the double round system deployed in 2014. Prati-Donaduzzi was equally a pioneer in winning both races in the same Sunday (Tarumã-2014). In addition, it became known worldwide for bringing Bruno Senna and Nicolas Prost to the 2015 Guest Race, gathering for the first time after more than 25 years two of the biggest names in car racing.
Campos and Pizzonia meet each other again with confidence in this new chapter at Stock Car. "I have always dreamed of running for a great team. I think this is my biggest chance in the category, we are now in a very well-organized organization with a huge database. It's just a matter of adaptation, I'm happy with Prati return, it was through it I have had my best moments so far. Being able to  be partner of Pizzonia again is a facilitator because we know each other very well.This relationship will help in the search for results and will be important in such a competitive series”, said Campos, who defends C2 Motorsport with a Victory in the race in Curitiba this year.
Pizzonia is in Curvelo, circuit that debuts in the calendar in the penultimate stage of the season. On Thursday, by having his contract signed, he participated in the first promotional actions in the center of the small city of Minas Gerais. "It's the return of a big project that started to be designed at the end of last year, but that ended up being interrupted at that moment. I'm very motivated and confident of the structure we found." The team is preparing a series of technical innovations and work methodology. With Júlio again at my side, the team spirit will also be reinforced”, he celebrated.
RX Mattheis Motorsport, based in Petrópolis, is run by Rodolpho and Xandy Mattheis, who are brothers, and will have the partnership of  A. Mattheis Motorsport, led by experienced and victorious Andreas Mattheis. Rodolpho, 35, will be the coach-director and engineer of Campos car.
"We are investing in new engineering professionals, with an emphasis on data collection", said Rodolpho, who was really excited by the arrival of the new drivers. "We need no further comments about Campos. He's a rider who has already led the championship and has victories in his history. I've never worked with Pizzonia, but we have the best possible references. Everyone says he's a very fast rider. Now let's use this speed to find the results we want. Prati-Donaduzzi is back with the title dream and this is also our goal.”
The sporting and organizational part is under the responsibility of Xandy, 33. On the face of it, he celebrates the initial results of the partnership. "It is a three-year contract, which is not common at Stock Car. This continuity gives us the security and guarantees to develop a long-term work, with the renewal and expansion of the goals each season.We are implementing an unprecedented management model in line with Prati-Donaduzzi in order to maximize all the investment that will be made during this period. "

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